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Longspan Racking - heavy duty

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A heavy duty racking system for all your bulky needs
System can be added to as your needs grow
Heavy duty 'Z' beams support
over 1000Kg UDL
Hard wearing epoxy powder
Levels can be adjusted every
50,8mm (2")
Our new Longspan system has been designed to provide economical storage whilst providing unrivalled strength and rigidity. The system is finished in a high quality epoxy powder paint finish with frames in blue and beams in orange. The design offers an upright width of 47mm with a central tapered slot which offers a strong friction connection whilst being easier to install the beam levels than traditional twin slotted uprights. The heavy duty beams are rolled formed as a step down `Z` profile section with a 3 fingered claw that can be adjusted on a pitch of 50.8mm (2 inch). The beams levels are then fitted with deck supports on the 610mm, 915mm and 1220mm deep which also locate into a slot in the beam so it can stop beams parting or turning under load. Each level is then fitted with 18mm thick high density chipboard panels to provide a smooth a cost effective storage level.
  Sizes & Prices